Iam Farahnaaz and i love to write poems stories fantasy and fiction iam a perfect content creator, i cannot live without eating Biryani.And i sing chorus like a bird.🐦

Iam an astounding out of this world fantasy story creator who focus on relationships, art and lifestyle.💝

My day starts with a prayer always and then goes my lessons and studies as iam learning Web development.😀 As my children are sleeping i do my online job then when they wake up i take care of them sometimes i get little time to cook and do my chores as i love cooking and it is also one of my most favorite thing to do but as my lifestyle is strict small babies and then a job there is no time to cook. And i end up cooking only on weekends and putting everything in fridge so that we can manage to eat meals whole week.✨

I love Biryani and love to cook Biryani and seriously cannot live without my Hyderabadi Biryani.

ABOUT WHAT IAM HAPPY ALWAYS is my passion to write poems and create stories and iam a spontaneous poet if anybody ask me to write poem i can write for them then and there at the same time and give it to them in just 5 to 10 minutes and i can create one new story every week.

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